A/C System Check Points

Here is the checklist our service professionals follow...if you choose to DIY:

  1. check outdoor unit condenscing coil for dirt, etc.
  2. check outdoor disconnect for loose or burning wires
  3. inspect all wiring in the outdoor unit
  4. check tightness of all electrical connections
  5. check high / low pressure switches for freon leaks
  6. check freon level, if needed
  7. verify thermostat is working correctly
  1. check supply and return air temperatures
  2. check for excessive air leaks around indoor unit
  3. check evaporator coil for dirt and debris, if needed
  4. verify emergency drain pan is level and float switch moves freely
  5. inspect blower motor and blower wheel for excessive dirt and dust
  6. inspect condensate pump for proper operation
  7. change air filter *

Our service technicians, installers & office staff are experts who go through extensive training and continuing education, not to forget quality control & customer satisfaction.

* 1" standard pleat filter

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"When our old AC quit..."

...it was hot outside and inside was worse! We called your company and you installed a new A/C unit and wow, what a difference it made ! Thanks so much for all your help in this air conditioning emergency. We will recommend you to our family and friends."

Mary R
Stone Mountain, Georgia

"I bought a foreclosed home in Marietta, Georgia and I needed to get the AC on quick and it was so hot. I called Billys HVAC and within 2 hours we had cool air. Thank you Billy -- wish you did work in Florida where I live, we could use a good company like yours here locally."

David M
Melbourne, Florida


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